L Aubert's description of, 118, 119; habits and customs, 120-124. Sy Tenacious of their legal institutions, 69; become disaffected, 70; inconsistency of British policy regarding, 71; Constitutional Act increases their power of resistance, 72, 80; Lord Durham on their aspirations for independent nationality, 94; favour responsible government, but oppose union of the provinces, 117; opposed to improving navigation of St. Lawrence and development of the upper province, 206; regard Sydenham as enemy of their race, 233; Sydenham's estimate of, politically considered, 305. E Resent terms of Union Act, 23-24; resent Durham's views on British domination in Canada, 23; increase of their influence, 31. Dr Murray's description of, 25; Carleton on their military strength, 45, 46; on their rapid increase, 47; his anxiety to win their allegiance, 50; indifferent to representative government, 55, 61; their petition to the king, 61; disappointing conduct of, 78; address king expressing satisfaction with Quebec Act, 78; unwilling to enlist against Americans, 87, 150; British government relies fully on their loyalty, 92; some insult their leaders and insist on being disbanded, 99; tired of American occupation, 150; Carleton's summing up of their attitude, 161; delusion of British government on the subject, 178; petition against any further change in their laws, 246; object to a House of Assembly, 246; Dorchester's consideration for, 260; attempt to enroll them for militia service causes riot, 278; more or less affected by revolutionary principles, 278; their attitude serious, 289; report on their state of feeling by Jules de Fer, 301. B Durham and, 12; dissatisfied with terms of union, 15; Peel's distrust of, 16, 17; George Brown's relations with, 43, 48-49, 70, 71, 78-81, 101-102, 105, 123-127; restive about Confederation, 166. Bk Prosperity of, under British rule, 35; their loyalty recognized by Brock and President Dunn, 1807, 86, 87; distrusted by Sir James Craig, 91, 404; Craig hesitates to issue arms to, 102, 103. Hd Characterized, 42, 220-222; Haldimand's experience of, 51, 52; satisfied with change of sovereignty, 53, 79; corps of, formed, 55-57, 139; object to introduction of English civil law, 59, 60; favoured by Quebec Act, 101; their aversion to military service, 111; costume of, 114, 115, 240; fear of communication with rebels, 119, 134, 136, 140, 174, 297; Estaing's proclamation to, 123; affected by alliance of France with revolted colonies, 126, 127, 128, 140; prisoners in Albany take up arms for Congress, 130; averse to taxation, 173; restricted as to disposal of produce, 177; Haldimand's policy towards, 180; his use of corvées disliked by, 182; gratified by news of British defeats, 189; Baroness de Riedesel's description of, 219-220; their attitude towards Loyalists, 264, 271; continued attempts to undermine their loyalty, 273-282, 283; addressed by Congress, 276; MacLean pleads for, 306; Dorchester's policy with, 314-315. Md Ignorance of national affairs, 347; Macdonald's influence with, 347-348. WM Their unfortunate position, 131; two thousand desert the camp to protect their families, 152; placed on right of Montcalm's battle-line, 192; dislodge British detachment from Borgia's house, 193, 195; in general defeat make brave rally, 201-203; only those in vicinity of Quebec submit to the British, 237. L Père Charlevoix on, 117; Aubert on, 118; Mère de l'Incarnation on, 119; habits, dress, etc., of, 120 et seq.
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